Gone, but not forgotten

There is a headstone in a London cemetery which reads; “Darling Dolly My sunbeam My consolation My joy A touching memorial from a grieving husband for his deceased wife perhaps?

However this monument sits nearby to other heartfelt memorials, “In loving memory of our faithful little friend WOBBLES” or “DICK for 12 years the faithful friend and constant companion

You’ve probably guessed by now that you’d be standing in a pet cemetery, but its location may be a bit of a surprise. The pet cemetery opened in 1881 in Hyde Park and contains around 300 graves. The first resident was a Maltese terrier named Cherry, owned by friends of the park gatekeeper at the time. The tiny cemetery stayed open to burials until space ran out at the beginning of the 20th century, closing in 1915.

There are many touching inscriptions, but I think my favourite has to be the succinct one below.

Unfortunately the cemetery is not open to the general public, but I believe that a one hour visit can be purchased for up to six people by contacting the Royal Parks. Alternatively, if you walk west along Bayswater Road, passing Victoria Lodge, and peer through the iron railings before the north gate, you can catch a glimpse.

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