Then suddenly out of the blue

City of London Police Box

For someone who spends a lot of time walking the streets of the City of London in search of interesting and obscure facts and objects, I must admit I was slightly taken aback during my last walk. I came upon this City of London Police Call Post (Not a box, like the Tardis).

It made me realise how monochrome the City actually is. Perhaps it’s because the occupants of the “Square Mile” were more focussed on making money to allow themselves to be sidetracked by friperies such as colourful ornamentation. When you see something that does have colour it really “Pops”, something that was borne out a few hundred yards away at the gates of the Worshipful Company of Drapers.

Entrance to the Drapers Hall

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Hi, I'm Steve, a London tour guide and owner of A London Miscellany Tours, a guided walking tour company who specialise in small number tours of the greatest city in the world!

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