Getting back on the horse

Picture the scene, it’s March 2020 and my fledgling guided walking tour business, A London Miscellany Tours is getting up a nice head of steam. Then on the 13th March I wake up with a persistent cough and begin feeling quite unwell, the rest as they say is history.

Fast forward to April 2021 and I take my first guided walking tour in over a year. To say I was tremendously nervous was an understatement and that was with some of the tour members being friends of mine.

With the guidelines that were in place at the time, I often wondered if I would ever get the chance to do the thing that I enjoy the most, conveying the stories and sites in the City of London to people who are interested enough to listen to me. As things have become slightly more relaxed I realised that the time was right to start putting myself out there again. So over the last week I’ve been revising some of the guided walking tours and putting others on the back burner for a while.

So, today I’m really happy to announce the restart of A London Miscellany Tours with tours commencing in July. I’ve added a list below, so if you’re interested take a look and see what there is on offer.

THERE’S MORE TO MOORGATE: Sunday 4th July 11.30 am : Sunday 4th July 1.30 pm

NOT AVENUES, BUT ALLEYWAYS: Sunday 18th July 11.30 am : Sunday 18th July 1.45 pm

In addition to these guided walking tours of London, I’ve started to produce a range of self guided tours. All you need is some time to explore and a smartphone. At the moment the first tour is up and running and more will follow shortly. If you want to take your time and explore at a pace that suit you, then these tours could be ideal for you.

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Hi, I'm Steve, a London tour guide and owner of A London Miscellany Tours, a guided walking tour company who specialise in small number tours of the greatest city in the world!

3 thoughts on “Getting back on the horse

  1. I‘m happy for you to finally be able to resume your tours; that must be such a joy (and thrill)! I‘ve been enjoying your blog posts for some time now (hope you‘ll continue those as well!) … I wish I were able to travel to London again — this used to be a more or less yearly thing before the pandemic; sometimes alone, sometimes with my BFF. I hope the next time I do get to visit your tours will still be operational, because I‘d love to join one of them!


    1. Thank you, really glad you enjoy the blog, which I will be continuing with as it’s kept me focussed. I’m certain that things will return to near normality and that people will again return to sample the delights that London has to offer, so fingers crossed the tours will still be running when you get your opportunity to visit.

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