Time and tide wait for no man

A saying that perhaps conjures up visions of King Canute, though some scholars attribute it to Geoffrey Chaucer. I’ve used it in the context of if you wait long enough then something that you’re waiting for will wash up at your feet.

Actually it’s been a week of having long standing mysteries solved just by being patient and waiting for the answer to roll up. In last Friday’s post I solved (with help) the riddle of the inscriptions on the facade of Wildy and Sons bookshop in Lincoln’s Inn and today an answer that I’ve been searching for came straight out of the blue.

Back in September 2020 I’d Tweeted for any information on a adornment to Westminster Bridge, as I had no idea what it was. It looked very much like the ones that sit on top of the bridge’s columns, but it was some way from the bridge itself and sat rather forlornly. Despite my request, I didn’t receive any further information.

Then today, I received an email from a fellow London blogger asking a question about a wharf that sat near Blackfriars bridge in the 1760’s. I wasn’t a hundred percent sure of the answer but knew where to find it. The passage I was looking for appears in a online book about the Thames. Using the “Find” function the page displayed the occurrences for the name of the Wharf I was searching for. Instead of clicking in the margin to go straight to the highlighted text I decided to manually scroll down but went too far and missed the text completely. The passage I was looking at related to the measuring of the Thames tidal flow at London Bridge which was something I already knew about, but there, right at the end of the passage was the information about the strange object I had been searching for since September.

Known as the ‘Thames Tide Recorder’ it is used to record the depth and the tidal flow of the River Thames at that particular spot, which used to be one of the busiest sections of the river for riverboat excursions and was installed somewhere around the 1930s.

I’m currently waiting for this weeks Lottery numbers to land in my lap!

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