The Sign Of The Two Headed Swan

I was prompted to take this uninspiring photograph after coming across an old image of the same location. The first picture is Gresham Street in 2020 and the second image is the same street a hundred years earlier in 1920. The most prominent building in the second image is Pickfords the removal company and I… Continue reading The Sign Of The Two Headed Swan


ambrosia /amˈbrəʊzɪə/ noun 1. GREEK & ROMAN MYTHOLOGY The food of the gods, often depicted as conferring longevity or immortality upon whoever consumed it. It was brought to the gods in Olympus by doves and served by either Hebe or Ganymede at the heavenly feast. Not sure about the dove reference, but the rest of… Continue reading Ambrosia

Owen’s Fields

The entrance to this small park was once the entrance to a school playground that separated Dame Alice Owen’s Girls’ School and Owen’s Boys’ School and is now known as Owen’s Fields in Clerkenwell, London EC1. The girl’s school was built in 1890 and was a substantial building with underground cellars. At the outbreak of… Continue reading Owen’s Fields


Today’s Clerkenwell is popular with creative firms and dotted with smart apartment blocks in converted warehouses, with many good restaurants and a great street food market held in Exmouth Market. Clerkenwell is quite a large area, running from Pentonville in the north to Smithfield Market in the south. Some parts of the district are covered… Continue reading Clerkenwell

The Bridge of Sighs

So, you have the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, then there’s the one in Oxford and another in Cambridge. I counted another twelve in Europe and North America. The one I want to write about today no longer exists, or rather it has been replaced by a newer bridge, and that is Waterloo Bridge which… Continue reading The Bridge of Sighs

A Little Bit of The Pharaohs In Piccadilly

Egyptian House 170-173 Piccadilly is one of those functional early 20th century buildings that in the next hundred or so years people will begin to love. It’s a bit of a hybrid, echoes of Georgian and Victorian architecture muddled up with just a glimpse of what was ahead in terms of Art Noveau and Art… Continue reading A Little Bit of The Pharaohs In Piccadilly

The Strange Tale of Mr Fribourg and Mr Treyer …….. and Mr Fribourg and Mr Pontet

Friborg and Treyer were fashionable snuff sellers in the 18th century. Based at 34 Haymarket their clientele included King George IV, the actor David Garrick and all-round dandy Beau Brummell. The Fribourg’s had originally come to England from Switzerland, and the claim is, that the firm was started in 1720 by P. Fribourg, although the… Continue reading The Strange Tale of Mr Fribourg and Mr Treyer …….. and Mr Fribourg and Mr Pontet