Takin’ a tumble

For the last couple of months I’ve been flat out researching, writing and publishing several new audio tours. Combine that with everyday life and something has to give. For a short while at least it was the blog that suffered, but now I think I’m back on the horse. One good thing is that all… Continue reading Takin’ a tumble

Time Encapsulation

Perhaps it was the burial of the Blue Peter time capsule in 1971 that first fascinated me about this rather quirky way of linking the past with the present. The popular children’s TV program presenters buried various viewers items along with a Blue Peter Annual in the grounds of Broadcasting House. The subsequent loss of… Continue reading Time Encapsulation

The Caravan Club

If you’ve just sat back in your sun lounger in your open toed sandals, long grey socks, tailored shorts and white vest to read your copy of the Daily Mail then I apologies as I’ve obviously mixed up my Caravan Club’s. No, I’m sure that members of that august club are unlikely to have much… Continue reading The Caravan Club

Winchester Geese

It’s 1392 and you are a young Galaunt. These were young men, usually of between sixteen and twenty five years old. They were portrayed as fashion conscious to the point of peacockery, wearing embroidered caps, short gowns and long toed shoes. These fashionable young men, the forerunners of the later “Dandy” got a bad press… Continue reading Winchester Geese