Thomas Cubitt

Today you have companies like Balfour Beatty and the Kear Group who predominately do most of the construction work in the UK, but back in the early 19th century there were no massive firms that undertook building projects, that was until Thomas Cubitt came along. During the early 19th century parts of London were going… Continue reading Thomas Cubitt


Sometimes when you look at a block of buildings you think to yourself, that doesn’t look right. One block that I noticed was in Great Portland Street. The imposing building on the far left was previously a bank and now a Post Office. The characterless office block far right shouts post war redevelopment, it’s the… Continue reading Pagani’s


Now there’s a word for you, “Dogstones”. Gallstones found in canines perhaps, or some type of artisanal device for holding something in place? If you Google it, it appears there’s a large stone in Oban in Scotland, but that’s not it. Let me cloud the waters even further by linking the Dogstone with a Hen… Continue reading Dogstones

Bracken House

Walking along Cannon Street I had passed Bracken House many times, but not really given it a second glance. I had wrongly thought of it as a 1980s construction. However, it is older than that and has a claim to fame. It was constructed between 1955 to 1958, designed by Sir Albert Richardson and served as the headquarters and… Continue reading Bracken House


One word Sunday The Pommelers Rest was the former Tower Bridge Hotel, taking its name from the area’s centuries-old connection with the leather trade.