One word Sunday A very touching piece of street art that can be found set into the pavement in Marchmont Street near to Russell Square underground station in Bloomsbury. The street is near to the former site of the Foundling Hospital in Corams Fields. Mothers unable to care for their babies would bring them to… Continue reading Art


One word Sunday Looking out along Cromwell Road on a rather wet autumn evening.


One word Sunday The Pommelers Rest was the former Tower Bridge Hotel, taking its name from the area’s centuries-old connection with the leather trade.


One Word Sunday The spire of St Clement Danes and behind the Royal Courts of Justice on an overcast Sunday morning.


One Word Sunday The Old Curiosity Shop has been an iconic Dickensian site since the mid-1880s, when its owner, with no justification whatsoever decided to emblazon the words “Immortalised by Charles Dickens” above the door. However, it is an old building, probably dating to the sixteenth century. Dickens buffs have always been rightly sceptical about… Continue reading Old


One Word Sunday I had just finished taking a tour round Pimlico yesterday afternoon. Walking through Victoria station I was going to make my way to Kensington Gardens to take some photos of the Round Pond. It was a very hot day and my feet hurt, so I took the easier option and then caught… Continue reading Pond