Going Underground

I’ve recently finished reading an excellent book called London Under, written by historian and London history Guru, Peter Ackroyd. It’s a fascinating look at life below the City’s streets. Some facts I knew and some were a complete surprise. I’ve been fascinated by what’s below our streets from an early age, my interest being piqued… Continue reading Going Underground


One Word Sunday The statue of JB gazing up at the magnificent roof at St Pancras is a tribute for the work he put in during the 1970s to help save the fabric of the station and the Midland Grand Hotel from demolition. Middlesex by John Betjeman Gaily into Ruislip GardensRuns the red electric train,With a… Continue reading Poetic

ABC of City of London Wards

This is the forth post about the wards that make up the the City of London. These links will take you to the post about Aldersgate, Aldgate, Bassishaw. The City of London is divided into 25 wards. These wards are a survival of the medieval governmental system that allowed very small areas to exist as self-governing units within the… Continue reading ABC of City of London Wards

My Hero

“Oh yes she/he is one of my Heroines/Heros”. I made a list of mine the other day (Lockdown allows you to do these sorts of things). Mine sort of sit in the fantasy dinner party thing, people that you would like to sit around your table and hold sparkling conversation and make the evening go… Continue reading My Hero