Jessie Matthews and the Brontosaurus

Probably best I explain from the beginning, Jessie Matthews was an actress, dancer and singer of the 1920s and 1930s, whose career continued into the post-war period. Following a string of hit stage musicals and films in the mid-1930s, Jessie developed a following in the USA, where she was dubbed “The Dancing Divinity”. The studio… Continue reading Jessie Matthews and the Brontosaurus

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting…..stolen!

I came across a seasonal tale recently, one that Charles Dickens if he’d been alive at the time might have woven into one of his stories about the metropolis. It’s a tale with a lesson, one that warns against greed during the festive season. It also goes to show that as today Christmas to some… Continue reading Christmas is coming, the goose is getting…..stolen!


Today’s Clerkenwell is popular with creative firms and dotted with smart apartment blocks in converted warehouses. It has many good restaurants and a great street food market held in Exmouth Market. Clerkenwell is quite a large area, running from Pentonville in the north to Smithfield Market in the south. So for this piece, I’m going… Continue reading Clerkenwell