Queen Rat

As you may have read in my last few posts I’ve been looking at all things subterranean, the London Underground, the sewers and lost rivers of the capital. I came across a rather interesting piece of folklore when researching a post called Where there’s muck there’s brass dealing with the profession of Toshing which I… Continue reading Queen Rat

Gimme Shelter

Not quite subterranean as in below the earth, but none the less below street level is the story of the tunnels that once lay beneath the area today known as Adelphi which sits in between Charing Cross station and the Savoy Hotel. The northern fringes of the park area in the photograph were prior to… Continue reading Gimme Shelter

Going Underground

I’ve recently finished reading an excellent book called London Under, written by historian and London history Guru, Peter Ackroyd. It’s a fascinating look at life below the City’s streets. Some facts I knew and some were a complete surprise. I’ve been fascinated by what’s below our streets from an early age, my interest being piqued… Continue reading Going Underground