1970s, the decade that style forgot

Six Word Saturday

Part of the 1970s collection, The Museum of Brands, London

I used to have a pair of shoes similar to the green and black ones but in light blue. Got sent home from school for wearing them.

By endean0

Hi, I'm Steve, a London tour guide and owner of A London Miscellany Tours, a guided walking tour company who specialise in small number tours of the greatest city in the world!


  1. I had similar shoes – can you blame me? I’m only five foot and if the others were wearing plateau soles and I didn’t, I would get a crick in my neck! Love the blast from the past!

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  2. White corduroy suit with bell-bottom pants (sewn by my bride, who also made her own dress, the bridesmaids dresses, and the groomsmen’s purple corduroy jackets… and more) white shirt, lavender satin bow tie. Stylin’!


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